To Spy or Not to Spy: When to Give Kids Privacy

By Guest Post

Privacy: what kids want and what parents struggle to give. Tweens and teens especially crave independence and privacy from their parents. If they think their parents are spying on them, they will figure out how to be sneakier and do more stuff behind their parents’ backs. Also, parents who give ki... Read More

Science Says: Eating THIS Could Change Your Kid’s Social Life

By kara

Mom confession: The idea of sending my kid to school terrifies me. You guys, it’s still four years away, and it’s stressing me the heck out. And it’s not because I’ll miss him—though I will. It’s because kids are mean, and the day my son comes home heartbroken because of another... Read More

3 Must-Do Experiences During Pixar Fest at Disneyland Resort

By Debbie Gisle

Pixar Fest is the biggest Pixar celebration ever to come to Disney Parks! Celebrate all things Pixar for a limited time. Pixar Fest begins April 13, 2018 and runs through September 3, 2018.  With the release of "Incredibles 2" in June 2018, even more exciting floats and fun will be added to Pix... Read More

Guilt-Free Ways to be a Less Distracted Parent

By Guest Post

My daughter loved the classic Curious George books when she was about two. Those stories are from another time when parents apparently had nothing to do. Each runs at least fifty pages. Fifty pages. To make matters worse, she had memorized the stories, which meant I couldn’t fudge it and skip over... Read More

The Ultimate Southwest Road Trip

By Guest Post

Pictures this: You head out on a road trip around the incomparable American Southwest. In just one week you can see some of the most gorgeous sights the U.S. has to offer. Here are 12 must-see places on your southwest road trip route from TravelPirates. You can easily start this trip from Los Angele... Read More

8 NEW Pixar Fest Foods at Disneyland You Can’t Miss!

By Debbie Gisle

Disneyland Resort's first ever Pixar Fest brings the world of Pixar films to life in countless ways. But there's only way to let your belly join in on the festivities--FOOD!! Sure Disneyland has rides and surreal sights to see, but you need to plan at least one day just to take in all the scrumptiou... Read More

5 Things Parents Should Know About End-Of-Year Testing

By Guest Post

By Hilary Scharton, Vice President of K-12 Product Strategy for Canvas by Instructure Every spring, schools across the nation give students millions of standardized tests. Students sit for hours, filling in answer bubbles with their number two pencils for an exam that may span days.  They... Read More

4/20 and the Mainstream Brands Jumping on the Weed Wagon

By Common Sense Media

By Caroline Knorr, Common Sense Media Do you know about 4/20? If you have a tween or teen, chances are they know all about this celebration of marijuana that occurs every year on April 20. And it's not just from whispers in the hallway or the pothead group at school. Popular, mainstream b... Read More

This is Your Child’s Brain on Music

By Anna Shirley

I'm not expecting my son to become a concert pianist. He's one of the most okay-ist 11-year old piano players around. And that's just fine with me.  So why do I keep paying for lessons and nagging him to practice every day? I think his music lessons do far more for him than I can measure and re... Read More

Science Says: THIS Is the Key to a Long, Happy Life

By kara

On occasion I wonder how soon the unearthly amount of sugar I consume in a day will kill me. But then I read this research and I realize that as long as I keep up healthy, secure relationships I won’t have to change a thing. (Or at least I hope not, because I don’t see my sugar intake lowerin... Read More